Visegrad Young Film Days

The Visegrad Young Film Days project is a floating international day focused on audiovisual education, i.e. the diverse audiovisual production (in the media and social media, and also films and TV shows available both online and in cinemas) that influences children and youth on a mass level. Since the conditions for addressing this issue are different in each of the V4 countries, we are planning to create a unique unifying platform which will concentrate primarily on systemic changes in the individual countries, especially thanks to the Visegrad cooperation (inspiration). The pilot edition will take place in Slovakia, a country that symbolically shares borders with all the Visegrad countries. It will be in the form of a locally focused initiative (establishing the Association for Audiovison), together with supervision from the remaining V4 countries and Scandinavia. This local activity will be accompanied by Visegrad cooperation development, specifically thanks to VYFD – examples of good practice from the V4 countries and Denmark, and also by a direct pilot project focusing on this year’s theme of the project – A Parent as a Role Model. Each year, we want to choose such a topic that presents a positive solution to the otherwise vague and never-ending discussion on the development of a-v education; parents can be such an example of positive direction as they represent the main source of information in a household, contribute to forming opinions and may also provide an excellent positive example to their children’s teachers and lecturers (so-called bottom-up pressure).


Initiative to establish the Association for Audiovision / SK

This activity focuses on the development of systemic solutions in the area of audiovisual education in Slovakia. The first step is establishing the Initiative (working group), and the subsequent establishing of the Association for Audiovision during the first edition of Young Film Fest in Slovakia, which the applicant organizes. Simultaneously, the close cooperation of the V4 region countries will minimize mistakes that inevitably occur while establishing new initiatives.


1. Visegrad Young Film Days /SK

The unofficial international day established to support audiovisual education in Slovakia will bring topics essential for all the V4 countries every year. The project serves to promote audiovisual and media education, to bring together experts in the given area, and, above all, as an illustration of good practice, a practical showcase of possibilities in approaching the given target group and the theme. For this year, the theme is “A Parent as a Role Model”.


Workshop on further V4 cooperation on Visegrad Young Film Days 2021/22

The event focuses on the meeting of the 4 umbrella organizations of the Association for Audiovision from the 4 Visegrad countries. The aim is to create a memorandum on organizing Visegrad Young Film Days during the 2021/22 school year in all the V4 countries.


1. Visegrad Young Film Days /CZ

This activity is a direct follow-up of the 1st Visegrad Young Film Days in Slovakia, expanding on the theme of A Parent as a Role Model and offering on the first day presentation of the tasks of the participants in the V4 meeting (to prepare mini-projects on the topic of A Parent as a Role Model, try them out, prepare evaluation and present it).






National Film Institute Hungary, Film Archive /HU/

New Horizons Association /PL/


Supported by:

The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.