Two online masterclasses discussing the role of parents in audiovisual education

Are you a parent? Do you ever think about what audiovisual content surrounds your children? How do you choose the films you screen for them? And what ways are there to get involved in their audiovisual education? 


These and many more questions will be answered in two masterclasses by Emese Erdös from The National Film Institute - Film Archive, Hungary, and Maciej Jakubczyk from The New Horizons Association, Poland.


Emese Erdös talks about Klassz Program, an educational programme for young audiences organized by The National Film Institute – Film Archive, Hungary. The programme offers educational materials, online games and interactive events at cultural festivals, film days and other occasions, and is based on the Film Archive’s film history website called Core Films. The masterclass will focus on the main interactive project, which started as a family programme but over time it has transformed to an event that involves nearly all ages.


The New Horizons Association focuses on film education at different levels through various programmes. One of the new sections of the Kids Kino International Film Festival, whose audience has spread to over twenty Polish cities, is Kids Kino on Upbringing. This section includes films for adult audiences selected for their educational values helping to build parenting and upbringing competencies. Maciej Jakubczyk talks about the ways by which parents can help their children navigate the world of audiovision. 


Emese Erdös

Emese Erdös has been working at the National Film Institute since 2017. For two and a half years she worked as the Fast Forward Program’s coordinator and organized workshops and masterclasses for young filmmakers. She’s been working at the Film Archive as an education officer since March 2020. She develops educational content and coordinates the Klassz Program – educational and youth program. Previously, she was a cultural program organizer at Budapest Film, a cinema exhibitor company, and the curator of the exhibition ‘90 years old Puskin Cinema’. Prior to that, she worked as a drama teacher and the artistic director of the Mandragóra Theater.

Maciej Jakubczyk

Maciej Jakubczyk is a board member of the New Horizons Association and head of education responsible for the distribution, festival, education and industry projects aimed at young audiences. Maciej worked as an expert for Polish Film Institute, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Europa Cinemas.