Online round-table discussion about the current situation of audiovisual education in countries of the V4 region.

18. 6. 2021

A roundtable discussion about the current state of audiovisual education in the V4 region: How to make an effective use of audiovisual material in the teaching process and in informal activities with children and young people related to audiovisual education? What are the major issues and challenges faced in the different V4 countries?


The moderator:


Pavel Sladký


Guest speakers:


Pavel Bednařík
Association of Film and Audiovisual Education, Czechia

Radka Hoffmanová
The Visegrad Young FIlm Days, Young Film Fest, Czechia

László Arató
The Association of Hungarian Language and Literature Teachers, Hungary

György Ráduly
National Film Institute, Film Archive, Hungary

Maciej Jakubczyk
The New Horizons Association, Poland

Katarzyna Ślesicka
Andrzej Wajda Film Culture Center, Poland

Rastislav Zábojník
Department of Media Education at the Faculty of Mass Media Communication, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Slovakia

Viliam Štrelinger
Azyl International Festival of 1 & 5 minute movies and video clips, Slovakia


Watch the recording of the discussion here.