Margreet Cornelius

Manager at The Eye Film Museum

Margreet Cornelius is the manager of the Film Education Network, a network of teachers, filmmakers, film festivals and film theaters, coordinated by the Eye Film Museum.

The Network Film Education stimulates corporation between all the film festivals and film theaters in the Netherlands, and between teachers (with a vision of film education) of primary, secondary, professional and scientific education. We strongly believe in the power of a network when there is a clear goal to reach: film education embedded in the Dutch school curriculum.

She taught for ten years in Amsterdam as a teacher in primary and secondary education until she had the opportunity to combine her passion for film and education at Movies that Matter. A human rights film organisation with a worldwide international support program and educational program. After seven years, in 2018, she was asked to make a new start for the (nation-wide) Film Education Network, coordinated by the Eye Film museum in the Netherlands.

Margreet sees film as a great tool to develop all kinds of skills important to the school curriculum. By watching a film, complex social issues can be better understood (and remembered). Discussing film with students enables them to give words to feelings and develop an own taste in art. Films can increase (a foreign) vocabulary, it can teach students to look critically (by seeing multiple perspectives), it widens their horizons, and so on and on. But in the end, Margreet likes nothing more than making a film with students. In this way, students work on their technical and creative skills, but also on collaboration and planning. And don’t we need all these skills in “real” life as well ; )?


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