European Examples of Good Practice for V4 - Theory

Conferences and meetings on audiovisual education and their topics - 1) working with short films for the target group of 3 - 6 years (risks, benefits, experiences), 2) working with short films for youth, 3) working with short formats and peer-to-peer, 4) working with film and inclusion for youth, 5) audiovisual educational hubs, 6) educational games for children and youth in schools , 7) example of inspiring practice - award-winning teacher in working with film in schools, 8) Ukraine - current state of films for children and youth or do children in Ukraine go to the cinema? These themes are followed in the field of classical cinema (especially alt. festival productions for youth), but also online production (YouTube, social networks, other platforms), music videos and amateur production for youth. Examples of good practice will be presented in the framework of the activity, which will allow the development of further necessary methodologies. The programme also includes a common discussion, networking and a workshop for teachers by an inspiring teacher.


Prague 26. - 27. 9. 2024