MASTERCLASS: METHODOLOGY Online masterclass discusses the methodology for teaching young people through media

What is a film? What does the term “film education” mean and why does it matter? 

As dealing with moving images is first and foremost experienced and learned in the family, it is important to get parents involved. How can this succeed?

After a brief clarification of these basic questions, Sabine Genz of the VISION KINO looks at different methods of film education. There are many ways to make sense of a film: critical ways like film analysis, creative ways from small practical tasks to shooting your own film and ways that promote a broader cultural understanding. 

VISION KINO is a non-profit organisation promoting the need to teach film and media skills to children and young people. The goal of the organisation is to strengthen the media competence of the youth and sensitize them to an original cultural place of film reception, the cinema. 


Sabine Genz

Sabine Genz (born 1965 in Bremen, Germany) studied Media Studies with a focus on film as well as Psychology in Marburg and Berlin, Germany. Since then, she concentrated on media for children and young people and started as a production assistant in film and assistant director for radio plays. After this practical period, she worked on a film educational project, where she managed the organization of SchulKinoWochen (school-cinema-weeks) Berlin from 2009 to 2014. Since then she has been part of the team of VISION KINO, supervising and developing pedagogical material (print and online) for the use of films in education or accompanying the creation of teaching material editorially.