Online masterclass about the ways to raise funds for an audiovisual education organisation

What part do the parents play in the fundraising process? How involved should state finance be? And how crucial is the work of the volunteers?

Lara Netzer from The Swiss Association of the Magic Lantern talks about their subsidiary project La Petite Lanterne, which strives to bring children aged 4-6 to cinema and fill the gap in formal pre-school education. Lara’s interesting presentation discusses the funding opportunities for such endeavours.

The Swiss Association of the Magic Lantern, created in 1992, offers an introduction to cinema for children aged 6 to 12. Since 2016, it has been offering La Petite Lanterne, a film and cultural awareness project for children aged 4 to 6 accompanied by a parent.


Lara Netzer

Lara Netzer was born in Locarno in 1991. During her philosophy and art history studies at the University of Zurich and Geneva, Lara Netzer worked as a cultural mediator for public and private institutions, as well as a scientific assistant and teacher. Bilingual Italian-Swiss German, she speaks German, French and English. She joined The Magic Lantern in February 2019 as coordinator of the clubs.