Online masterclass focused on how to communicate an audiovisual education programme and how to get parents involved

How to reach young audiences and keep them interested in visiting cinema? 

Can gaming be used in cultural and pedagogical ways, and maybe even create a dialogue between different generations? 

And by what means is it possible to develop a successful cultural organization in a city with a weaker socio-economic situation?

You can find answers to all these questions in a brilliant masterclass by Matthieu Bakolas, who works as the Director of Quai10, a cultural centre with educational outreach dedicated to cinema and video games based in Charleroi, Belgium. You will learn how he and his team managed to transform a small arthouse cinema into a popular hub of activities for the whole family and what communication strategies they employed in the process.


Matthieu Bakolas

Matthieu Bakolas is 39 years old and holds a university degree in economics, a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and a complementary degree in hospital management. After working 6 years in the cultural sector, he joined the private sector first as a Project Manager for a mutual company and then as a business controller in charge of optimizing the performance of operating rooms in the hospital sector. Those different experiences allowed him to become Director of Quai 10 in Charleroi in late 2016. This new project has the specificity of offering cinema and gaming in the same place.