Audiovisual Sauna┃Critical Incubator

Program for students between 17 and 26 years and for the general public


Audiovisual Sauna is part of the Critical Incubator, which focuses on connecting art critics, spectators and creators.

The purpose of the project and its activities is to strengthen audiovisual criticism and to connect creators with spectators through a series of lectures, discussions, workshops and to involve art critics in the festival's practice. Its theme is audiovisual art in a broader sense. Another activity of the Critical Incubator is a workshop focused on the development of young festival programmers via Semaine de la critique with a Czech twist.

The aim of the project is to change the way of thinking of art criticism, often oriented to other types of art with no overlap. Informing the public about the possibilities of new attitudes, changing the common discourse with the creators about thinking about art. All this meets the concept of critical thinking and the development of critical discussions, on which our organization has long focused.

Art criticism can serve as a principle of connection with art practice and its further development towards the audience, not only through textual and audiovisual outputs but also through direct communication with the audience. Implementation of new procedures from project activities for other cultural organizations is another of the project's goals. The development thus focuses primarily on art criticism, but also on its transcendence into the whole of society and the creation of a new discourse concerning the reflection of art and its reintegration into art and for art mediators.


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