International film festival for young audiences


Young Film Fest is an international film festival for young audiences aged 12 – 17.

Over the course of three days, Young Film Fest presents the most interesting contemporary European films for young people, educates both its visitors and itself, connects contemporary art and film, and awards the Young Audience Award for European film.

In 2017, Young Film Fest joined more than 30 European countries, in which young audiences aged 12-14 decide upon the best European film of the year. Over the course of one day, young viewers across Europe become jurors and award the Young Audience Award to one of three films nominated by the European Film Academy.

Since its inception, Young Film Fest has been constantly evolving, expanding and presenting a program focusing on film education, ranging from screenings of contemporary European films for young people, through thematic discussions to film education workshops. The program crosses the traditional boundaries between disciplines and is open not only to the registered visitors aged 12-17, but also to the general public.

Young Film Fest is organized by krutón, z.s., an association dedicated to audiovisual education, training and event organization, including film distribution. Mária Môťovská, the executive director, studied film production at FAMU, was one of the producers of the animated project Trojhlas (Daughter) and devotes herself to leisure activities while working with children. Ten years ago, the chairman of the association, Filip Kršiak, was involved in the creation of the Aertěk film camps, was the author of the projects Cinema Studies and Hranice filmu, and is the director of the International Film Festival ELBE DOCK and the Pavel Koutecký Award.